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About Our School

Chantilly Academy Preschool is a private Virginia licensed play-based preschool. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to foster the social, intellectual, emotional, and physical developmental milestones and needs of our students. Learning experiences appropriate for the developmental age of each class are provided daily.


Our daily curriculum emphasizes social interaction – helping children to cooperate, listen, and share. Play-based activities build cognitive growth, creativity, and social/emotional development. In addition, a student’s daily schedule includes Kindergym gymnastics to foster the acquisition of large and small motor development.

Daily Preschool Aims To:

  • Guide interpersonal relationships
  • Build self-confidence
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Improve gross motor skills and coordination
  • Encourage recognition of sounds, shaped, colors, and sizes of objects in our world
  • Stimulate thoughts and processes
  • Help define limits and self regulation skills

Toddler Program

Our toddler environment addresses the needs of this highly mobile group with an emphasis on the joys of learning. Lessons and activities focus on problem-solving, creative thinking, and movement.

Children are encouraged to express themselves and their feelings. We emphasize the importance of ‘learning through play” as this is key to developing emotional and social development. Daily kindergym gymnastics is included to foster the acquisition of large and small motor skills.

Preschool Program

Our experienced teachers plan an integrated curriculum of activities balancing emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. Both the curriculum and instruction are designed to build children’s self-esteem, sense of competence, and positive feeling towards learning.

Activities are structured to develop skills in the areas of creative expression (arts and crafts), music, language and concepts in math, science, and perception. Prerequisite skills with age- appropriate materials are also introduced to develop readiness for children entering kindergarten. Children participate in 30 minutes of preschool gymnastics per day.

It is our philosophy that the nurturing of a child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn creates the foundation for a positive learning experience. We, at Chantilly Academy Preschool, coordinate our efforts in the sincere attempt to encourage a child’s enjoyment of learning and a satisfaction in their accomplishments.

Extended Day

This program is geared for our students who are ready for a longer day with enriching activities that involve higher-order thinking and problem solving. Our program incorporates S.T.E.A.M. based activities and includes:

  • Engineering (with blocks, puzzles, magnets, Legos, and a variety of other materials)
  • Art and Music (Children learned about different artists and composers. They develop their own masterpieces to proudly show off!)
  • Hands-on science experiments (Children learn how to make predictions and test their hypotheses.)
  • Baking and Cooking (Children mold, shape, sprinkle, mix, chop, and eat!)

Summer Program

The Chantilly Academy Preschool Summer Program is 4 weeks of exploring and learning themes of Summer. Available for ages 2.5 to 6 years old, we offer our summer mini camps to children currently enrolled or who are considering enrolling in the Fall. The Summer Program offers a valuable transition time for children entering CAPS for the first time in the fall.

CAPS Summer Enrichment Camps, from 10:00-12:30 each day, include activities involving:

  • Science & nature
  • Pretend & free play
  • Water and sensory play
  • Storytime
  • Art
  • KinderGym gymnastics each day

Themes explored such as outdoors and nature, sea animals, weather, our universe, and summertime foods are designed to complement the season of Summer and the world around us. Children also enjoy 25 minutes per day of KinderGym in our gymnastics center with a KinderGym instructor. Children are provided with a snack and drink each day.

Our Program is headed by our Preschool Director and by the same experienced teachers you will see during the school year. We maintain the same class ratios throughout the year.

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