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About Chantilly Academy Preschool

Chantilly Academy Preschool was founded in 1987 alongside Chantilly Academy Gymnastics. Our primary mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to foster the social, intellectual, emotional, and physical developmental milestones and needs of our students.


CAPS classrooms have a calming and soft color palette and are designed with the intention of creating inviting spaces that encourage creativity and exploration. Because play is the optimum vehicle to master the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical readiness of our students, our students are supplied with eye level learning images, real materials, and designated art and activity areas.

Each Classroom has a water / sand table, reading and mini library area, a wide variety of art supplies, large and small wooden blocks and building materials, and individual cubbies for students to keep backpacks and take home materials.

Preschool Kindergym

Chantilly Academy Preschool is home to a state of art gymnastics training center. One of the most unique and educational value added features of our curriculum is our daily Kindergym. All CAPS students enrolled in a 2-5 day programs receive 30 minutes of Kindergym daily. Kindergym curriculum aims at gaining increased motor development, eye hand coordination, and fine motor skills. As students acquire and assimilate language, they begin to understand and follow basic directions. As they move into other phases, students begin to gain strength and basic gymnastics skills. In addition, Kindergym is shown to build cognitive development which sets CAPS students on a path to become lifelong learners.